What Do You Really Want?

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This is a question we should ask ourselves on a regular basis. Especially in your career in which you can become wrapped up in the struggle of daily chores, you can easily loose your initial strive. What was it again that you wanted? Why are you here?

Many of you have become too comfortable with where you are at, accepting a half-satisfying work place, an O.K. arrangement of your role and responsibilities, in short – a mediocre career, that creates a living so you can get by, just so.

Wow, what a perspective.

Wake up now! There is so much advice and resources available. But is up to you to use it to your advantage.

In my last presentation skill trainings at the SanfordBurnham Medical Research Institute we had great discussions on difficulties in presentating such as language barriers and nervousness. I felt truly inspired by the honesty and the need for help that surfaced. And I saw huge potential in the attendants.

But what to do now that you have the advice, that you took the training? It is up to you to put it to work!

And here is what you can do:

  • Take the advice from trainings you have attended or peers you have talked to start implementing it – that means PRACTICE. Seek out situations in which you can try out if the advice works. Take the risk and focus on something you want to change and practice it like that.
  • Do not let your hesitancy or rationalizing win over what you really should do. Take that step and do it, despite fear or laziness!
  • Take the resources given to you and take responsibility for using them: Seek out a coach for the specific task you want to accomplish, take classes and learn a new skill, attend meetings and conferences and present yourself. Whatever it is you need to do to take your career further – go, do it.

Take the risk, be brave and do what is necessary, despite fear or laziness. One of my great teachers once said: Everything that is worth pursuing is scary. The difference between a brave person and a coward is that the brave person does it anyway!

So go do what is necessary, take opportunities, do not waitanother chance might not come. Jump now. The worst thing that could happen is that you learn something!


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