Step 5: Generosity, a mind-set

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You might have heard this before: Many systems in our society – whether in education, in industry, or the arts – are based on the assumption of scarcity. Limited resources available to many people. Who will get his piece and who won’t? This belief system, engrained in our society and culture, prevents us from reaching our highest potential in building relationships, forming careers, and living a rich a satisfying life.

I know, this might sound like some sort of new age positive thinking course. But let’s ask this question anyway:

How would your life change if you encountered people with genuine generosity?

Generosity has many aspects to its practice. I assume you are familiar with the common one of free exchange of information or services. This is great. But let’s look at it from a perception point of view:

Generosity as a way of perceiving relationships; a way of seeing what is there, the actual connection. By that I mean being generous in patience and interest as you interact with others. Also perceiving the moment by stepping away from pre-assumed judgment and anticipated outcomes.

A generous way of perceiving is inclusive thinking rather than categorized, limiting thinking. You stay open to whatever shows up in your relationship and not what you expect or want to see.

With such a generous attitude, your interaction with others will remain fresh and lively. Such a relationship becomes fluid and will be much more flexible and adaptable to changing situations.

I encourage you to shift your mind-set towards generously giving and generously perceiving and see how it will broaden your horizon by adding so many new facets and aspects not only to your relationships but to life in general.

Discover how this way of perceiving will change your experience of your professional relationships.

Write us with your thoughts and findings. We can’t wait to hear about your endeavors.


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