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Why are we engaging voluntarily in performance or presentation or talks? And if not voluntarily, why is it important to do so?

  1. Because we want the job.
  2. Because we need to communicate what we work on, so money and recognition flows our way.
  3. Because we have something to say – something that might enlighten others or expand their knowledge.

Presentations are like the bread and butter of a scientist – if you feel comfortable with that or not. So the goal is to become absolutely stunning and convincing on stage.  You want to be remembered.

The most important fact in that endeavor – there are actually two – is to put yourself out there. That means, using all and every opportunity to practice. Coaches can point out the areas that need work, train you and help you practice, focus you in on the most needed skills (all necessary and valuable assets) – but only practice makes perfect.

The second most important fact to remember is the reason why you put yourself out there. And the answer is because:

  • you have something to say
  • your work is valuable and might push your field forward
  • you put half your life into that work and it needs to be seen and acknowledged
  • you need to get feedback from other thinkers in the field – access to a free think tank so you can shape and progress in your project

Keep these facts in mind, next time you are asked to present. It will help you to manage your nervousness and maybe even to enjoy your presentation .


Have fun and let us know what you discover in your practice.



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