Managing Up and Down and Sideways

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Have you ever asked yourself

1. how you can have a bigger impact on your boss?


    2. how you can get to your goals without losing your boss’s support?

      There is a lot to say about this – more than could be said in one little article. If you want to hear more live, come to Biogen Idec this coming Monday and attend the Strategy Session of AWIS ( I have paired up with another wonderful AWIS committee member and we will co-facilitate a crisp training on “managing up”.

      Here a pre-taste:

      You are as much a manager to your boss as your boss is to you. Motivations and goals may vary, of course. Yet “managing up” requires a similar skill set from both of you, your boss and you.

      I am talking about “people skills,” first and foremost. Even though it really comes in handy when you know where your expertise lies, your personal visions and goals, you still need to be able to communicate them. In short, you need to be able to build relationship. Here it comes again: The well-known (see previous articles) and repeated subject of relationship.

      Professional relationships have been, are and always will be the prevalent ingredient in the well-tasting career soup. I am referring to professional relationships that have a human quality.

      Let me explain: Professional relationships are established to get things done and support each other in this process. But they need to be human, or humanistic or personal to a certain extend. Because, how can it be different?

      The business world, be it in science or anywhere else, needs to re-learn the value of “human” relationships –

      It is about people with their flaws, fears and dreams.

      This is what Dale Carnegie, Keith Ferrazzi and other career coaches have been broadcasting for a long-time: Get human!

      And here comes the clue:

      If you can start to manage your boss with this in mind – that s/he is a human being with flaws, fears and dreams – then you might be able to step back a little more and meet this person with a little more of “how can I serve you so that you serve me.” Approaching your boss with empathy and honesty will make managing up a true success.

      Think about that for a moment. And then write to us – your thoughts, objection and experience. We are ready to listen!!


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